~Move On~

we just have to keep moving on

Sunday, August 15, 2010

~the beginning~


What is the purpose of me having a blog? I am just not sure what to write.I guess whatever comes into mind, I'll put it down into words into this new blog of mine. It never occurred to me that i'll have my own blog where i could just write whatever i wanted. Alas, I should use this medium for Islam. To enjoin the good and forbid the evil, and as they say, preach trough the virtual world. I believe that we should have more blogs that tell the truth about Islam, to show that Islam is not what people always think. We have like thousands Islam haters who do not have the true idea what Islam really is, and i think that our my responsibility to let them know, though I too have lots more to learn. The prophet once said that

" tell people what you know, even though it is just an ayah"
We should use every means there are to do so, so people will shift their paradigm and see Islam at a better angle. This is indeed our job.In Fact,it is all Muslims job.
However, to note,I am not that expressive. sometimes, I prefer hearing other people's ideas, then respond to it. I'll guess that is me.well, maybe by having my own blog, i could improve the way I think and also my writing,that's it. This is the beginning, and i hope i won't lose the momentum to write more.Lot's more to learn. InsyaAllah.

Allah knows best..