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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rant on mother's love

It's been like a year since i've updated this blog..again, there is always time for an update.but then, halfway through writing, i gave up and stopped. this time, i'm going to make it happen. though only few people will glance into this post and will barely read it till the end of it,
I believe that what i'm writing right now is a reminder for myself. Stories and experience i had from others struck me to put it out, just to share with others, hoping that somehow, in any way anyone could benefit from this

Every single day,as we open our eyes, appreciate whatever we have. Who knows, something or someone that we do not even realise the existence of it, one day disappear, and you no longer possess that thing or if we're talking about human, you'll never met him or her again. Maybe then only you start to regret, disappointed that you were never grateful of the existence of the person to you. At that point of time, there is no turning back , there's no way you could bring back that someone u've lost in order to make things right again..

Take for instance, someone very close to us, taking care of our whereabouts badly, always worrying for us, and loving us unconditionally.i'm talking about our very own mother. the one who is always there for us, whenever we feel down, she will offer words of comfort, calming us in her very own special way. there's no one else like mother. but then, as we grown up, some people find that their mother's attention and care is annoying. i do know some people who think like that. we were busy growing up, until we forget that our mother is also growing old. we were busy with our own life, forgetting to check into her life, whether she is in a healthy condition or not. this is really happening in this crazy world today, people dump their mothers into old folk's home, not wanting to take care of her anymore, assuming their mother as burdens.

As we look into the hadith of Rasulullah SAW , when being asked to whom we should offer our love to, He replied , to ALLAH, to Rasulullah and lastly to our mother. A hadith of which we should all hold onto and feel it with our heart. This hadith may be simple but it is actually hard to practise especially in this rat race world, where everyone is busy gathering wealth, beautiful spouses, big house and cars.

dear self, look back on what your mother had done for you, all her sacrifices she made just to see u happy and succeed. all the time she had been there for you whenever you need her, imagine her euphoria when you were first born into this world, tears that drop on her cheek the first time she held you into her arms. feel that warm hug she'll gave you whenever you feel scared and afraid.. if that does not even touch your heart even a slight, check back. there may be something wrong with you.

till then.
may Allah bless.